Since 1997 the core business activities of the Dunakeszi Cold Storage Plant have included the storage of fast-frozen food, deep-freezing and all related logistical activities, mainly for companies involved in the Hungarian food production and distribution industry.

Customers include the major producers and distributors of meat and poultry, frozen vegetables and fruit in the region.

The Plant has the capacity to store 15,000 Euro pallets, equivalent to 10,000 tonnes, at a temperature of –18°C. The capacity for the fast-freezing of food (from 5°C to –18°C) is 40 tonnes per day.

The complex contains office, social, plant-operating and dry storage buildings and it was built on 9 hectares of industrial real estate, on the south side of Dunakeszi, 6 kilometers from the northern border of Budapest and the 2/A highway (M0). The location of the plant is outstanding, being highly accessible from the north and east, but also very easily reached from the south and west of the country. The access routes can be seen on the map enclosed.

The prime location of the site is further enhanced by the demand for cold storage ensured by the close proximity of Budapest. The logistical value of the location is improved by the new north Danube bridge and the eastern section of the M0 highway.

The plant is authorized to deliver goods to the European Union and maintains a HACCP system.


The main activities are the followings:

• Storage of fast frozen products below 18 degrees Celsius (15.000 Euro pallets),
• Fast freezing of food products (40 tons per day),
• Public warehousing, in partnership with public warehouses,
• Duty administration, document handling,
• Assorting of commercial goods (commissioning),
• Renting of areas suitable for food (mainly fruit and vegetable) production,
• Storage of food products between 0-5 degrees Celsius,
• Storage of dry goods,
• Logistic services in connection with the other services,
• Office and other area (open and/or covered) rental,
• Transshipment of goods delivered by railway (railway connected ramps).




A Hűtőház a 2/A jelű út és a Váci út északi részének találkozásától induló 2-es úton, a Duna mellett észak felé, Dunakeszi déli határánál található. A Dunakeszi várost jelző táblát követő kereszteződésnél jobbra kell fordulni, a Tőzegtavi úton haladva 150 méter múlva a Hűtőházhoz jutunk.

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H-2120 Dunakeszi, Tőzegtavi út 11-13.

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Telephone: +36 27 540 305
Fax: +36 27 540 325
Mobile: +36 20 499 8870

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Email: titkarsag[at]dkh[dot]hu


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